Sunday, November 4, 2007

Under The Silver Sky

This song is made and inspired with my stay in Berlin

I was there walking

Under the silver sky

Looking around and what I found

that my old city cries

Then I heard they talking

and saw the gold turn into dust

And I felt alone and shivering

With a prisoners of wonder life

My hands are empty

But my soul is full of love

I just wonder about that feeling

I was thinking of you

I went down to the corner

Where old people seat and talk

They said they love the kindom

But not sure if they like the God.

By the way our Jesus is not here

maybe Jesus will must come home soon

Maybe our streets of misery

can turn into the soul

I can just pretend

But i just looking for you

Maybe I'm just runaway

But I thinking of you

My hands have nothing

But my soul is full of love

When I left the room

I was thinking of you

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